Everyone should have a blog, whether for personal use or business. Blogging is so easy and as such has become a popular method for making money online and if you do it right you can easily make $1000 per month with blogging. In fact, there are hundreds of people who have personal blogs that don‟t realize that they can make money with their blogs. Imagine how much money they are letting slip away by not monetizing their blogs!

Blogs can be monetized by placing Google Adsense ads on your blog so that you earn an amount every time someone clicks on an ad. Also you can promote affiliate products on your blog or you might have your own product that you can use your blog to promote. You don‟t even have to stick with just one monetization method; you can combine them and increase your income potential.

How to Create a Blog to Make Money

The first thing you need to do is decide what niche you are going to create a blog about. There are two ways that you can do this: you can do a lot of research to find a niche that is in high demand and in which the products sell well, or you can just select a niche that you are passionate about. Both of these methods have their advantages. The method of doing research to find a good niche will increase the chance of having good converting products that people are looking for. Choosing a niche that you are passionate about has the advantage of being easier to write content for your blog and staying motivated with that blog.

Regardless of whether you choose the research method or the passionate method, with both you will need to do some keyword research to find a good keyword phrase that has enough searches each month to be profitable. You will want to find one main keyword that your blog will be based around, as well as several long tail keywords that you can also create content around. This way you are targeting more than one keyword phrase which will increase your traffic and potential customers.

Next you will need to have a look and see if there are any products that you can promote in that niche and you can do that by visiting Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon and other affiliate programs.

Another way to find if there are any affiliate programs relating to your niche is by searching for them in Google In the Google search box just type in your niche, in quotes, followed by +affiliate. For example, if you are looking at the weight loss niche you would search for – “weight loss” +affiliate – and the results should bring up affiliate programs that relate to weight loss.

The Actual Creation of Your Blog

Once you have finished all your research, chosen your niche and found your keywords, then you are ready to create your blog. There are two ways that you can do this – free or paid.

Free Blogs

You can sign up to or and you can set up a free blog with either of these sites. You will choose a name for your blog and I suggest you use your main keywords in the name. Because these are free options you will have the blogger or WordPress in the url of the blog also. For example, if you choose „fast weight loss‟ as your blog name, it would be or

Paid Blogs

If you decide to have a paid blog, then it will cost around $10/year for a domain name and $10/month for hosting. I really do recommend paid hosting because you can have your own domain name without the „blogspot‟ or „wordpress‟ in the name, but more importantly because you have complete control over your blog. I have heard some horror stories of Blogger and WordPress deleting people‟s blogs with no warning and if that happens then you lose your income source. So I really do recommend having paid hosting.
You can get a domain name at
You can get unlimited hosting at

Once you have organized your blog name and hosting then you are ready to create the look and feel of your blog and then start adding content. If you are using a free blogging service they will usually give you a choice of theme to use on your blog, so select the one you like and if you change your mind you can go in and change it until you find the right one.

If you are using a paid blog, then you can search the internet for free WordPress themes and I‟m sure you will find one you like. There are hundreds of free templates out there to choose from.

Adding Content to Your Blog

Next step is to start adding content to your blog. There are a couple of options for doing this and you can use one or all of them.
1. Write your own content. This is where it helps to have a blog in a niche that you are passionate about and know a lot about so you can easily write your own content. This is also the free method.

2. Outsource the writing of your content. You can hire someone to write your blog posts for you. Although this will save a lot of time and effort, it is also the most expensive choice.

3. Use PLR Content for your blog. Using PLR content is a popular choice as it saves you time and effort but isn‟t as expensive as outsourcing the writing. When looking for PLR material, don‟t just go for the cheapest options as they are often poor quality, but good quality plr will really save you a lot of time and money. You can use PLR as it is on your blogs or if you prefer unique content you can rewrite them and then post them to your blog. Refer to the section at the end of this report for more information on using PLR.

For your blog to do well it is important to update it regularly. A new post every day is ideal, but if you can‟t manage that then at least try to update it two or three times a week. If you look at it from your visitors point of view, they don‟t want to come to a blog that hasn‟t been updated for six months or a year; they wouldn’t come back if that was the case. However, if they visit your blog and see that it is updated regularly then they will keep on coming back for more information. The more content you add to your blog the more highly it will be viewed by the search engines too, resulting in more traffic and more sales.

Once your blog is up and running and has content added to it, then you need to add some ways to monetize your blog. If you are going to use Google Adsense, then now is the time to place some ads around your blog. Adsense ads are usually more effective if they blend well with your blogs color scheme.
If you are promoting your own product or affiliate products, you can now add some banners to your blog. When adding banners and ads to your blog try to be subtle with them and not have a blog that looks like one big advertising board. A blog that has too much advertising just looks spammy and will turn people off, so be subtle and you should be more successful.

When promoting affiliate products you can also add links at the end of your blog posts if the post relates to the product. This is often a good place to put your link as you already have the reader’s attention. I wouldn’t recommend doing this in every single post, but now and then works well.

Lastly, you should „ping‟ your posts each time you publish a new post. WordPress can be set up to automatically ping your posts and this helps to get your blog seen and can result in more traffic.
There is also a plugin called WPSyndicator that is great for blogging. Every time you add a new post to your blog you syndicate the post with this plugin and it sends out an extract of your post with a link back to your blog. This is a great plugin for building backlinks to your blog and getting more traffic.

Just remember to keep updating your blog regularly and you really can make a great income with blogging.